Boiler Repairs in Medway

The demise of natural gas boilers?


The media is full of talk about the end of natural gas boilers. To meet the UK target of carbon net-zero heating by 2050, we are all being led to believe that Air Source heat pumps are the way to go.

My view on this is, that it will not work. Quite apart from the fact that these units take up a large amount of space, they are prohibitively expensive to buy and have fitted. They were designed to go into new build properties, that are insulated to the nth degree, and often have underfloor heating that is run at a much lower temperature. 

Why Is Boiler Servicing So Important?

Why Is Boiler Servicing So Important?

I thought this month, I would explain why boiler servicing is so important.

On average, your boiler is one of the most expensive appliances in your home. It is working away in the background, providing hot water in the summer, and hot water/central heating in the winter. As long as it doesn’t break down, most people rarely give it a second thought. However, when it does break down, certainly in my house, all hell breaks loose!

“DAAAD, THERES NO HOT WATER” can clearly be heard the full length of our close.