Below you will find a list of the questions I get asked on a regular basis.

While we can’t guarantee this, we have noticed that many of our customers have noticed a drop in their energy bills. A new boiler can mean a much more efficient hot water and heating system, so you may not need to use it as much which can lead to lower energy bills.

If your boiler is more than 10 years old, it will be far less efficient than a new condensing boiler. A new boiler comes with many benefits. It can reduce your energy bills, improve your heating and hot water system performance, and all new boilers come with up to 10 years parts and labour warranty, giving you the peace of mind that, in the unlikely event your boiler developed a fault, there would be no expensive repair bills.

When you choose our team for your new boiler installation, our professional heating engineers will come out to your property and carry out an assessment or survey of your home. From the survey we will then be able to assess the needs of your property and family. Our engineers will then recommend a boiler and give you an installation quote. Once a price and boiler have been agreed, we’ll then arrange for a time to carryout your new boiler installation.