Are you considering having a magnetic system filter fitted? Do you have a filter and wondered what it does? If so, the following will give you a bit more information.

What is a magnetic filter?

Generally speaking, the only significant corrosion on a central heating system is to the radiators. The vast majority of radiators are made of mild steel, and if the water in the system isn’t treated with a corrosion inhibitor, the water will rust the metal over time. This then breaks off and builds up in the system.

Over time it can cause cold spots on radiators, and can build up in the boiler, significantly reducing efficiency and can eventually lead to boiler breakdowns. This is where a magnetic filter comes in. It is a device that is usually fitted near the boiler on the return water connection.

As the name suggests, there is a strong rare earth magnet in the filter which attracts any metallic debris and stops it entering the boiler and going back into the system. It is then cleaned annually as part of your boiler service.

Is it easy to fit a filter?

It is a fairly straightforward procedure to fit a filter. The engineer will isolate the power and water to your boiler and drain the system. They will then cut out a section of the return pipework below the boiler and fit the filter. If it is not possible to fit the filter below the boiler, for instance if there isn’t sufficient room etc, the engineer will find a suitable spot elsewhere on the system to maximise the effectiveness of the filter.

Once it is fitted, they will add chemical corrosion inhibitor to the system and refill the system. Then it is just a case of venting the radiators as necessary and checking there are no leaks, and that the system is working correctly.

So, as you can see, it is a relatively straightforward job, and can significantly reduce the risk of boiler and system issues such as reduced hot water temperatures, cold spots on radiators, boiler breakdowns and reduced efficiency.

If you would like more information on magnetic system filters, you would like a quote to have one fitted, or advice on anything boiler or heating related, please do not hesitate to contact me, and as always, advice is free.